China is Finland's largest trade partner in Asia, and therefore in increasing focus of Finnish companies.

The number of Finnish citizens resident in China (including Hong Kong) is around 1000. The size of Finnish community has increased due to strengthening Sino-Finnish economical cooperation. Many of the Finnish expatriates in China work for Finnish companies. A growing number of Finnish students and media has also become interested in China.

(Source: Embassy of Finland, Beijing)

Trade Relations and Economic-Technological Cooperation

The Chinese and Finnish economies are complementary to each other. Since the 1980s, the economic and trade relations between the two countries have developed rapidly and bilateral trade volume has increased by a big margin. According to statistics of the Chinese Customs, the total trade volume between China and Finland in 2003 was US$3.46 billion, an increase of 29.8% from the previous year. China's export value was US$1670million and its import value was US$1788million, up by 45.1% and 18.2% respectively compared with the previous year. At present, China's main exports to Finland are textiles and garments, cereals, oils and foodstuffs, light industrial products and mechanical equipment, and China's main imports from Finland are paper-making machines, generating sets, paper and paper board, composite fertilizer, wires and cables and telecommunication equipment. In November 2003, the 16th meeting of the Sino-Finnish Mixed Committee was held in Beijing.

16th meeting of the Sino-Finnish Mixed Committee was held in Beijing. By the end of 2003, loans granted by the Finnish Government to the Chinese side has totaled up to US$ 485 million in financing 83 Chinese projects. In 2003, Finland invested in 26 projects in China with a contractual value of US$ 68.18 million and an implemented value of more than US$ 32.39 million. By now, a total of 181 investment projects were signed, with contracted investment worth US$610 million and the capital actually utilized totaling US$390 million. There are over 110 Sino-Finnish joint-ventures in China, among which the main ones are Valmet (Xian) Paper Machine Co. Ltd., Nokia (Beijing) Mobile Telecommunications Ltd., Kone Elevators Co. Ltd. in Jiangsu Province. In 1988, Finnish Airline opened the Helsinki-Beijing direct air route. In 2003 Finnair inaugurated another direct route from Helsinki to Shanghai.

(Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the People's Republic of China)

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