Bilateral relations between Belgium and China

Based on the Belgian custom figures for the three first months of 1999, Belgium is mainly exporting the following categories of items to CHINA :

  • Chemicals and pharmaceuticals (39,35% of total exports to China),
  • Precious metals, diamonds, jewelry and precious stones (18,78 %),
  • Machinery and mechanical appliances, electrical equipment (15,68 %)
  • Plastics and articles thereof ,rubber and articles thereof (5,46%).

On the opposite way, China is mostly selling the following categories of products to Belgium:

  • Machinery and mechanical appliances, electrical equipment (20,39 % of all exports of CHINA to Belgium),
  • Miscellaneous manufactured material (furniture, lights and lighting fittings, toys, games and sport articles (13,99 %),
  • Textile and textile articles (13,94%),
  • Footwear (8,01 %)
  • Chemicals and pharmaceuticals (7,19 %).

Belgium is the 6th biggest investor in China among the European Union states. The total of Belgian investments in Shanghai is appraised to a 322,141,200 USD and to a 185,620,000 USD in JIANGSU.

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