Discovery Reports Group Ltd. is a world-leading producer of country business reports.

Discovery Reports Group Ltd., established in Hong Kong, produces special country-focused business reports for Asia's leading English language newspaper, The South China Morning Post, the most highly awarded news organization in Asia.

With over a decade of excellence in business reporting and analysis, Discovery Reports in cooperation with The South China Morning Post have successfully featured over 70 country business reports on economies in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and the Americas.

These country business reports provide leading businesses and government decision makers throughout the Asia Pacific with a macro-economic overview of the country in focus. They promote the countries featured by showcasing key strengths in business and government to carve a niche for their respective expertise and offerings in Asia. The country business reports support featured companies expand their global reach and footprint by effectively reaching out to key markets and players within greater China and South East Asia to attract customers, partners, investments, and various other opportunities.

Most importantly the reports inform a coveted audience of top tier global business leaders and decision makers in Greater China and the Asian region on immediate avenues for business development and co-operation. They encourage, expose and promote business engagement and trade with greater China and Asia providing an important source of information on global opportunities for the Asian business community.

Each report includes interviews with companies ranging from Global "Fortune 500" organizations to small niche experts as well as with key government officials. The comprehensive nature of the reports as well as their extended reach via print and online exposure make them guides to doing business with the organizations featured and promote long term business collaborations.

Given the South China Morning Post's importance within English language publishing in Asia, these special reports encourage trade and co-operation between Greater China Market and the country of feature.

Our global team consists of leading professionals in research, analysis, reporting, correspondence, production and writing. These individuals realize the extraordinary mandates of our reports to educate and inform the global business community about lucrative business opportunities in their host country.